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Located in the south-east of china, Guangzhou serves as a south gate to overseas, a National Central City, and an international metropolis. Together with Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou is one of the comprehensive gateway cities of China. As the hub of economy, finance, trading, shipping and exhibition, Guangzhou is also the key city of politics, military, culture, technology, education and national transportation hub of air, land and sea. With a history of more than 2000 years, Guangzhou is a famous cultural city, as well as the earliest open trading port known as "Millennium Commercial city". Millions of foreigners come to Guangzhou, which makes it "the capital of the third world".

Located in Longdong Tianhe District of Guangzhou and contiguous to South-China Botanical Garden, Guangdong University of Finance was established in 1950 as a provincial public university. It is entitled as the only one financial university in southern China. The university has 16 departments and has established 28 undergraduate majors, including Finance, Management, Law, Literature, Science, and Engineering, accessible to undergraduates, graduates and international students. For the time being, the total staff members reach as many as 1200, among which 895 are full-time teachers, including over 300 professors and associate professors and more than 200 teachers with doctor's degree. In addition, many famous domestic and foreign scholars and professional experts are engaged as guest professors. The university has a big library, with 1,580,000 books, 1350, 000 electronic reference materials and over 1000 kinds of journals and magazines at home and abroad, which serve as the nexus for learning. The university is well-equipped with every necessary facility for teaching, living, recreational and sports activities.

Guangdong University of Finance International Education College specializes in international students' admission, daily service and Chinese language training programs. From 2014 on, the college starts the degree education especially for international students to apply for Bachelor degree in Chinese Language and Literature, Finance, Business Administration, International Economic and Trade, Accounting. The college also offers short-term sessions which last 15, 30 or 65 days for those who are interested in Chinese culture. With these study programs, participants can learn Chinese language and culture in school, as well as enrich their lives by visiting scenic spots and cultural attractions of China. According to their personal language proficiency, international students either in short-term session or long-term session are free to choose elementary, intermediate and advanced level of Chinese language training programs. The college also offers lots of elective courses like "Chinese Calligraphy and Painting", "Chinese Folk Music", "Cantonese" etc. and enriches students' extracurricular activities related to Cantonese local culture and Chinese folklore.

Confucius said "What a pleasant thing it is to have friends coming from far." We welcome you from all over the world to Guangdong University of Finance, our fairyland campus, where you'll feel more than better than at home.

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